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Adobe PDF Logo Management of Value and Earned Value Management - why both?

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The Institute of Value Management

The IVM is a centre of excellence and the professional qualifying body which promotes, advances and ensures competence in value enhancing methods to European standards. Visit the IVM site for further information.

MoV® Certification - Management of Value

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MoV LogoManagement of Value (MoV) has evolved from the tried and successful practice of value management across many sectors and over many years.

The guidance is intended to help organizations use a successful, proven methodology to supplement their current management practices, so that they can increase the value they deliver and make better use of resources.

The guidance is aimed at all those involved in directing, managing, supporting and delivering portfolios, programmes and projects. MoV is all about maximizing value in line with the programme and project objectives and the key stakeholder requirements. It is not simply about minimizing costs.

Whilst MoV supports the project, portfolio, programme and risk management principles of PRINCE2®, MoP, MSP® and M_o_R®, its main focus is on maximizing value.

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Benefits for Individuals

  • Provide a way of addressing competitive advantage by adding value.
  • Promote sustainable decision making, based on adding value, by addressing both monetary and non- monetary factors.
  • Maximize value in line with the programme and project objectives and key stakeholder requirements.
  • Provide a means to define objectives and scope clearly in terms of the organization’s and end users’ short and long term needs.
  • Supplement current management practices to increase value delivered and make better use of resources.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Deliver more relevant outcomes less expensively.
  • Measure and audit value, taking into account monetary and non-monetary benefits and achieving optimal balance between them, thus demonstrating optimum value has been achieved.
  • Enable effective consultation and engagement of stakeholders and end users and reconcile differing needs.
  • Improve benefits, reduce expenditure and speed up delivery without impacting essential project scope or service quality.
  • Enable more efficient delivery by employing fewer resources to better effect.

Foundation Level

The purpose of the foundation level is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the MoV guidance to enable you to contribute effectively to MoV activities led by others; enable you to understand and explain MoV to others; and pre-qualifies you for the MoV Practitioner Exam or for other training and qualification systems in Value Management.

Exam Format

  • Multi-choice
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) pass mark - 50%
  • 40 minutes duration
  • Closed book.

Practitioner Level

The purpose of the Practitioner level is to confirm you have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor MoV in a scenario situation. The experience of the individual, the level of support available and the complexity of the situation to which MoV is to be applied will be factors that impact what the Practitioner can achieve.

Exam Format

  • Objective testing
  • 8 questions per paper with 10 marks available per question - all question items will be worth 1 mark, making the total number of marks available per paper 80
  • 40 marks required (out of 80 available) to pass - 50%
  • Two-and-a-half hours duration
  • Open book exam (only the MoV Manual is allowed).

For further information on Management of Value, visit the MoV Official Site at https://www.axelos.com/best-practice-solutions/mov.

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