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The Process Communication Model® (PCM)

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PCM-logo-350The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is a communication and management methodology which enables you to understand, motivate, and communicate effectively with others. People who use the Process Communication Model benefit from a whole range of practical tools specifically designed for successful everyday management of communication.

PCM helps individuals form and maintain successful personal & professional relationships, and provides a complete tool kit to help individuals understand what is required to communicate effectively.

Individuals will learn to:

  • Observe and understand your own behaviour
  • Understand the behaviour of others and know how to communicate with them effectively
  • Analyse conflict and miscommunication and know how to find resolution and a return to effective communication

PCM can be used to predict behaviour and provides solutions for managing distress, motivation and effective communication. PCM also differs from other models in that it doesn’t set a fixed personality type, but instead offers a multi layered personality structure which individuals move between in different situations and environments.

APMG has worked with Kahler Communication France (KCF) to develop a certification scheme so that individuals, who have received PCM training, are able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the methodology.

If interested in undertaking PCM training or becoming certified then please contact KCF.

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Certification Format

  • Two stage assessment process;
    • Online Recorded Interaction Assessment
    • Oral Assessment