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AQRO LogoHow many times a day are you interrupted by emails, phone calls, colleagues and clients? Do you find that at the end of the day your to-do list is just as long as it was in the morning?

As the pace of communication gets faster organizations, teams and individuals struggle to keep up with priorities. Fortunately help is at hand. APMG International is delighted to offer a new scheme focusing on resource management.

AQRO® HRM Stress-Free Efficiency reduces unplanned interruptions; the main cause of working inefficiently. By intelligently structuring a department’s activities, organizations can foster stress-free and efficient human resource management. AQRO equips your organization with a key competitive advantage - providing managers, team leaders and staff with substantial benefits during their daily business activities.

Implementation of AQRO delivers the following advantages:

  • For the company and senior management:
    Efficiency at last! (saving up to 3/4 hour per day, per worker, per week)
  • For managers and team leaders:
    Facts at last! (Transparency, know the workers workload, be able to make clear plans, genuine reporting up the chain, ability to say “No”)
  • For the worker: Work without distractions at last! (Clear responsibilities, work with less stress, less overtime)

AQRO provides managers with a disciplined but flexible approach to resource management, allowing for greater visibility and control of resources. This in turn leads to increased productivity and cost savings.

The individual learns how to manage their time and deal with conflicting priorities and demands. This leads to a reduction in stress as there is no longer the need to multi task, as AQRO allows the individual to focus on one role/task at a time.

AQRO guidance and training courses:-

  • Lay the foundations for successful implementation of the AQRO methodology
  • Explains how AQRO can be planned and managed
  • Clarifies the different management styles needed for successful delivery of projects and BAU
  • Provide integration with process based methodologies, such as COBIT®, AgilePM®, PRINCE2® and ITIL®.

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Benefits for Individuals

Workers often feel overburdened, because they have to switch from one task to another and are expected to be accessible at all times. They are often exposed to excessive external requirements. AQRO helps companies increase their productivity and introduces more transparency within their workflow. The goal: reduced set-up time so that delays to the workflow are kept to a minimum.

Individuals will:

  • Be able to undertake one role at a time
  • Have uninterrupted work time, allowing them to focus and maximize their rate and quality of work
  • Be less stressed at work
  • Have clear reponsibilities
  • Have less unpaid overtime

Benefits for Organizations

Resource management is one of the most impor¬tant disciplines in corporate management. Until now no practical concept exists which fosters stress-free and efficient human resource management.

The organization will have a methodology that helps managers understand what individuals are doing. This allows them to effectively manage available resources.

Implementation of AQRO delivers the following advantages:

  • Ensures the right people are doing the right job/tasks
  • Increases productivity leading to greater work output and cost reduction
  • Reduces staff stress and burn out
  • Avoids the need for overtime
  • Helps managers schedule work and estimate accurately
  • Provides transparency – allowing managers to be aware of their workers workload and to be able to make clear plans

Foundation Level

Exam Format

  • Multiple Choice
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) – 50%
  • 40 minutes duration
  • Closed-book

Recommended Reading

The following title is available from APMG-Business Books.

AQRO® Stress-Free and Efficient Human Resource Management

AQRO® Stress-Free and Efficient Human Resource Management

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