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Paper-based Exam Options

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Take your exam in the classroom

The majority of our Accredited Training Organizations provide the traditional classroom-based training format. The exam is taken on paper either during or at the end of the training course.

Once you've completed an exam - your exam paper answer sheets are collected by the proctor and sent back to APMG-International for marking. Once marked - your ATO will inform you of your exam results at a later date before being sent your official paper-based or electronic certificate.

Some ATOs utilize our exclusive SelfScan® exam-marking system. Upon finishing an exam in the classroom - SelfScan provides candidates with an instant preliminary result, giving you an indication of how well you've performed.

This innovative technology allows your proctor, to use a desktop scanner to scan your exam answer sheets into our systems as soon as the exam session is over. Your answers are then transmitted to APMG-International for marking and your provisional result is sent back immediately.

Take your exam at a Public Exam Centre

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If you're more of an independent learner - you may prefer to study in your own time and at your own pace. If you'd rather self-study - you can purchase your chosen qualification's core text books from our online Book Store.

Once you feel you're ready - you can book an exam at one of our Public Centres.