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On-line Exam Options

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Take your exam in the classroom

The majority of our qualifications are available to take on-line via a PC, laptop or tablet. You'll need to check with your Accredited Training Organization (ATO) to see if they provide the on-line exam option.

ATOs that provide the on-line option will incorporate it into their classroom-based training course - utilizing our web-based exams system. You'll then be able to take the exam on your own computer or one provided in the exam room by the ATO.

Take your exam at home

If you're undertaking self-study through distance/blended learning with an ATO - you can take an exam from the comfort of your own home or office using our Remote Proctor Now and Remote Proctor U solutions.

If you've got a computer with a webcam and high-speed internet connection you will be able to use our remotely proctored examinations. There are two options available to you:

Remote Proctor U

Remote Proctor U is provided by some ATOs. This system allows a live proctor access to your exam as you take it so they can monitor the exam environment through your computer's webcam and microphone.

It's just like having the proctor in the exam room with you but you don't need to travel. Remote Proctor U must be booked in advance so that we can schedule the live proctor.

Remote Proctor Now Photo of man sitting at laptop

If you wish to have more flexibility on when to schedule your exam, you can use our Remote Proctor Now solution - allowing you to take your exam online at a time and date that best suits you.

This system requires candidates to follow on-screen instructions and to perform a 360 degree scan of the room. Candidates should be aware that if any part of the re-examination criteria is not performed correctly, the exam will automatically get a breach result.

Both our systems are developed by Software Secure.