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Our Accreditation Services

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What makes APMG Accreditation Services Valuable?

APMG is proud to be accredited in the UK, India and China by UKAS for several of its products and Change Management Certifications. UKAS is the UK's only National Accreditation Body. UKAS is renowned for its rigorous assessment procedures and APMG follows suit - applying the same rigor when accrediting an individual or an organization.

APMG is best known for accrediting training organizations that deliver a range of professional certifications and qualifications.

UKAS Personnel Certification MarkUKAS Product Certification Mark

Successfully going through our assessment process is a testament to an Accredited Training Organization's (ATO) commitment to providing quality service. They have agreed to maintain our high standards in their training, course materials and Quality Management System.

ATOs that display the APMG-accredited badge inspire confidence in prospective candidates that they are in expert hands.

Established in 1993, APMG has continually developed and adapted its accreditation processes with three clear objectives:

  • To ensure the market has absolute confidence in the services provided by our accredited organizations
  • To help our accredited organizations develop and extend the market for their services
  • To ensure that, while our accreditation processes remain rigorous and demand a high standard, we do not place unnecessary burdens on those we accredit.

Our Accreditation Services

Besides recognition - people like to have something independently evaluated as confirmation that it satisfies specific requirements for risk reduction. Such risks include company reputation, product failure and meeting legal or customer requirements. Anything or anyone can be evaluated - whether it a product, person or organization.

APMG provides several accreditation services:

Training Accreditation: We accredit training organizations, trainers and course materials. Find out more>>

Consulting Accreditation: We accredit consulting organizations and individual consultants, who can then offer a variety of services to clients, including maturity assessment. Find out more>>

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation refers to formal, third party recognition of competence to perform specific tasks. Accreditation provides the means for assessing the technical competence and integrity of organizations offering specific services.

Accreditation therefore functions as a form of quality assurance for customers looking to make use of an organization's services. Organizations that have been accredited by a reputable assessment body will naturally have an edge over their competitors - having been officially recognized for competence, integrity and quality of services delivered.

Why is Accreditation Important?

Accredited status is an official signifier of competence and best practice - distinguishing an organization or individual from those that are not accredited. Becoming accredited provides a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Individuals and organizations can be confident that accredited companies' products and services have been independently assessed to ensure a consistent and high quality service
  • Accredited providers have objective proof that they comply with best practice
  • Accredited individuals can demonstrate their technical knowledge and experience.

For more comprehensive information regarding the benefits of accreditation - please take a look at The Benefits of Accreditation.