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Courseware Providers

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Organizations who are not accredited with APMG can apply to have their courseware approved so they can licence material to ATOs. These organisations are known as Courseware Providers (CPs).

What is a CP?

A CP is an organization who has developed course materials to the same standards as an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) but who do not provide training and examination services themselves. Their materials have been assessed by APMG to the same standards as any of our courses run through an ATO and have therefore been approved for use by ATOs on the course.

Why would I use a CP?

Applicant ATOs who, for whatever reason, do not wish to develop their own materials may wish to enter into a commercial contract with a CP to licence their materials for use. If you wish to do this, you will need to confirm to APMG at the time of your application the agreement made with the CP for the relevant course.

Can I licence course materials from other organisations?

In addition to the CP scheme, some existing ATOs are also willing to licence their course materials for use by others. A full list of ATOs approved for the scheme and their contact details can be seen here.

Do I have to be apply to become an ATO to licence courseware?

Due to copyright limitations and reuse agreements, any organisation who wishes to provide training for one of the schemes run by APMG will need to become an ATO. Licensed courseware may not be used to provide unaccredited training. More information on this process can be seen here.

What products are covered within the CP scheme?

Each CP is approved for different products and schemes. Please refer to the lists below to find the details of products offered by each CP.