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Praxis Framework™ is the new, definitive certification for professional project and programme managers.

APMG no longer offers MoR®. The Praxis Framework™ Certification delivers guidance on how to fully optimise projects and programmes - so that they achieve maximum results, in a minimal timeframe.

Praxis provides clear guidance on the process of risk management for projects, programmes and portfolios (P3) and fully integrates this with the life cycle and other P3 management functions. The free online library describes all the key tools and techniques and also provides templates, articles and a portal to complimentary resources from the web.

The competency framework describes what an individual needs to know and what skills they need to demonstrate to be competent in risk management. The capability maturity model shows how organizational capability can be developed and the associated checklist helps implement the process and monitor continuous improvement.

The iMA and Risk Context resources show how different organisations and individuals react to risk and its management. These collectively support the development of a culture in which effective risk management becomes second nature.

The Praxis Framework™

Praxis Framework™


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