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APMG now recommends VeriSM™ as the definitive certification to deliver digital transformation.

APMG no longer offers ITIL®. Digital transformation is profoundly changing the way society, and commerce, works. Businesses no longer view IT as a necessary evil for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes.

Rather IT is now seen as a key component of the business model. Technology has transformed the way organisations interact and transact with their customers and consumers. The pace of change is frenetic and accelerating and organisations have to keep up. IT no longer stands apart from the business -  it is a part of the business.

Gain maximum business benefit

VeriSM is an overarching approach that enables an organisation to gain maximum business benefit from the coordinated use of these supporting frameworks through the concept of a “management mesh” - a method to manage and use the multitude of frameworks, standards, methodologies, management principles and philosophies that are present in today’s service management world. Become one of world's first to become VeriSM certified.


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