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Bring greater transparency and trust to doing business in the cloud

CIF Code of Practice is a self-certification process for Cloud Service Providers

Code of Practice certified cloud service providers declare and commit to providing good quality services that adhere to the guidelines and best practices set out in the Code. It is a comprehensive framework that enables service providers to benchmark their operations against standards developed by their peers and in many ways is a checklist for best practice in the provision of cloud services.

There are core elements of focus to the Code that collectively provide relevant, focused information from which an end user should be able to make better-informed decisions about the choices available to them and select a vendor that meets their operational needs.

How do I Apply for the CIF Code of Practice Self-Certification Process?

Initiating the self-certification process is straightforward - simply sign up to the Cloud Industry Forum Self-Certification website, submit payment for the certification fee and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your application.

APMG will provide any assistance you may require during the application process and upon completion your application will be reviewed before a certification is delivered to you in the event your application is successful.

Benefits for Consumers of Cloud Services

  • Increased confidence when using certified service providers
  • Additional reference point when selecting service or technology partners
  • Continued enhancement and evolution of the COP to ensure relevance and quality

Benefits for Cloud Service Providers

  • Credible and recognised certification declaring operational best practice
  • Cloud providers can use the COP as a blue print for service development
  • The certification can help promote your services via COP awareness
  • The certification highlights service quality in the market

Become a Cloud Industry Forum Registered Supplier - Free of charge

Becoming a CIF Code of Practice (Code) Registered Supplier is a stepping stone to the ultimate goal of becoming a fully Certified Supplier. It is a sign of intent from a cloud supplier and offers them the opportunity to declare their GDPR readiness and credentials whilst proceeding to full certification.

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