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Developed in partnership with itSMF - the Change Analyst certification enables you to assess the potential benefits, risks, impacts, and costs of proposed changes.

Certify your ability to:

  • Understand the wider implications of change within ITIL service delivery and learn to develop relevant change models.
  • Assess potential benefits, risks, impacts and costs of proposed changes and provide advice on how to gain approval to proceed with changes.
  • Predict and analyze how change impacts process and people in order to understand outcomes of change.
  • Combine structure and application of key change processes with soft skills required to meet every day challenges.
  • Ensure clarity regarding training, job impact, coaching and mentoring required to support change.
Change Analyst Foundation digital badge

Foundation Plus

Learn the skills required in the role of Change Analyst.

Change Management
Who is Foundation Plus for?
  • People with the role of Change Analysts within a service management environment.
  • Key staff involved either directly or indirectly with management activities such as:
    • service asset analysts
    • configuration analysts
    • release and deployment analysts
What are the key things I will learn?
  • The purpose and value of change management within different types and sizes of organizations.
  • The basic concepts of good personal communications and understand how these can contribute to increased effectiveness and efficiency within change management.
  • The main interfaces between the change analyst and other process areas within IT service management and how these are impacted by uncontrolled changes.
  • The key activities that are contained in the change management process. 
  • Techniques that can be used to enhance the change management process and apply these to given scenarios. 
Exam format:
  • Workbook to be completed during the course to demonstrate the practical application of the theory
  • 20 questions per paper
  • 13 marks required to pass (out of 20 available) - (65%)
  • One hour duration
  • Scenario Booklet to be used during examination


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What is a Change Analyst digital badge?

Digital badges allow you to easily showcase your achievements online.

When you pass an exam - you'll instantly have the option to claim a digital badge representing your new certificate.

Your badge can be embedded on an email signature, website, social media or digital CV.

With just one click employers, customers and clients can easily view and verify your credentials and skills.

Please download our digital sharing presentation for more information.

How do I claim my Change Analyst digital badge?

Once you’ve been notified that you’ve passed your exam - you will have the option to create a digital badge in APMG's Candidate Portal.

Visit APMG's Candidate Portal, view your exam results and select 'Create Badge'.

This takes you to the Acclaim website where the digital badges are hosted. You will be guided through the Acclaim account creation process.

Once you have created an account with Acclaim - login into the account and accept your pending badge.

What is Change Analyst?

Developed in response to market demand for practical, focused qualifications, our Change Analyst role-based qualification helps you to understand the wider implications of change within ITIL® service delivery, giving you the knowledge and confidence to authorize change initiatives.

Service managers are under intense pressure and scrutiny to deliver IT services in a robust, timely and cost effective way. Focusing on keeping negative impacts to a minimum while at the same time improving customer experience, the challenge of understanding how changes will impact systems is ever increasing.

The Change Analyst certification enables you to assess the potential benefits, risks, impacts, and costs of proposed changes, shows you how to develop the appropriate business cases for changes, and gives advice on how to get approval to proceed with such changes. It is very closely aligned to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) framework regarding core competencies of an individual in a role.


How can I train for the Change Analyst examination?

Training for Change Analyst is available from the network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) who are assessed and certified by APMG-International. The full list of Change Analyst ATOs can be found HERE .

Only these organizations and registered partners/affiliates are authorized to deliver Change Analyst training.

Do I have to receive training to sit the exam?

Yes - delegates must have attended an accredited training course prior to sitting the examination.

How do I sit the exam?

The exam must be sat through a Change Analyst Accredited Training Organization (ATO). Details on the process will be provided with the ATOs course information.

How much does it cost to sit the Change Analyst examination?

The cost of the exam is generally included in the course fee.

Are there any pre-requisites for the Change Analyst examination?

Yes - candidates must fulfill the following criteria prior to sitting the examination:

  • Attendance of an accredited Change Analyst training course
  • Completion of in-course assessment book (checked by course trainer but not formally marked).

What study material is available for Change Analyst and where can I purchase it?

A supporting manual has yet to be developed for the qualification. However, training providers will provide an in-course assessment book which, coupled with accredited training, will be sufficient for delegates to prepare for the exam.

Which languages is the Change Analyst examination available in?

The exam is currently available in English only. Translations will be progressed subject to market demand.

How long will it take to learn the Change Analyst material?

Training courses are generally delivered over 2-3 days. It is worth investigating with individual providers, as many will offer tailored and blended learning solutions.

How long is the Change Analyst certification valid for?

The certification is not valid for a defined period and does not expire.

When can I expect the results of my Change Analyst Examination?

Exam results are sent by the relevant APMG-International office directly to ATOs within 48 hours. Your ATO should notify you of your results so please contact them for further details regarding this.

When will I receive my certificate?

A foundation certificate will be dispatched to you approximately 2 weeks after we have received your exam paper back into our offices.

Please note that if you have taken your examination via an ATO, certificates will be dispatched based on the preferences that the ATO selected when booking the exam. The ATO can select either an e-certificate or hard copy and whether this type is sent to the ATO or directly to the candidate.

If you have not received your certificate shortly after the above time frame please contact our Customer Interaction Team –

What is the pass mark for the Change Analyst examination?

Candidates will need to score 13/20 to pass the examination.

What pass mark is required to be eligible to become a Change Analyst trainer?

To be eligible to apply to become a Change Analyst trainer, individuals must achieve a score of 75% (15/20) in the exam.

How do I find out if I scored enough to be eligible to become a trainer?

To find out if you scored enough to be eligible as a trainer, please email noting your interest. A representative of the Service Desk will be able to advise.

How can I advertise myself as Change Analyst qualified on my business card?

Candidates who have passed the Change Analyst examination can put "Change Analyst (APMG-International) certified" on their business cards.

Can I use the Change Analyst logo?

Only organizations licensed to do so are allowed to use the Change Analyst logo. Such organizations include Change Analyst ATOs (Accredited Training Organizations) and registered partners accredited by APMG-International.

What are the main differences between APMG-International’s two change-themed schemes - Change Management & Change Analyst?

Change Management is focused on organizational change management, addressing it from the perspectives of individual change, team change, organizational change and leading change. It is not IT change management per se, but rather covers a broad range of theories that help to understand how to implement change and how individuals, teams and organizations react to change situations.

ITIL foundation covers the basics of the ITIL framework, i.e. the processes and practices required to manage an IT Department. One of those processes is Change Management, i.e. how to manage changes to IT processes and services.

The Change Analyst qualification specifically addresses ITIL change management in much more detail than is possible in the ITIL foundation course. From the perspective of the Change Analyst ( i.e. someone working with the change management process), it covers the process in detail, continual improvement of the process, specific techniques that can be used in the process (including risk assessment techniques), communication, written communication and the role of the Change Analyst.

How do I become a Change Analyst approved trainer?

All Change Analyst trainers must be "sponsored" by a Change Analyst accredited training organization (ATO). Details of all Change Analyst ATOs can be found HERE .

A trainer application must be submitted by the sponsoring ATO to their relevant APMG-International office.

How does my organization become a Change Analyst Accredited Training Organization (ATO)?

An organization wishing to become a Change Analyst ATO must first submit an application form to either the APMG-International Service Desk or the relevant APMG-International office. Where appropriate, an invoice will be raised and the organization will then be subject to APMG-International’s ATO assessment process.


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