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Powered by the Cyber Defence Capability Assessment Tool (CDCAT®)

CDCAT® Insurance Services creates a view of the insurable risk an underwriter should consider before accepting cover.

CDCAT® was developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), a trading fund of the MOD. Dstl provides impartial scientific and technological advice to the UK Armed Forces and British Government.

Kyngswoode Services Limited was awarded, by APMG International, the rights to provide a CDCAT® derived service to the London insurance sector and associated international organisations. Kyngswoode Services will use the data from CDCAT® assessments to create a view of the insurable risk an underwriter should consider before accepting the cover.

This report allows the underwriter to consider the cyber risk fully without seeing all the underlying evidence that a client may prefer to keep confidential due to the sensitive nature of the data.

What is CDCAT® Insurance Services?

CDCAT® Insurance Services utilises CDCAT® to support insurance underwriters and brokers using fact based certified assessments to confirm their client’s cyber defence capabilities. This will enable brokers to seek better premiums and underwritten conditions for their clients as well as allow underwriters to use fact based evidence to assess cyber risks.

The resulting output includes:

  • Overall rating of cyber risk management capability as measured against agreed risk appetite.
  • Maturity scores between zero to five for each control assessed.
  • Vulnerability status for each control assessed.
  • Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status relative to risk appetite.
  • RAG status relative to best practice.
  • Benchmark rating against an organisation’s own sector / cross-industry sectors, as well as geographic comparisons.
  • Estimated average annual risk cost.

What Benefits Can CDCAT® Offer the Insurance Industry?


To give the best service to their clients, brokers need to understand the risks they are working with. Cyber Security is no different to any other risk yet the industry continues to cautiously write specific cyber risk cover and Directors and Officers cover on little known fact based assessments and without a truly independent and impartial certification of the cyber defence capability of their client.

CDCAT® Insurance Services will allow a broker to achieve better underwriting and exclusions for their clients by demonstrating their clients’ true cyber defence capability.


Complex and or commercial risks are always supported by some type of certification to validate the status of the risk such as aviation, marine and heavy lifting.

Yet the most unknown risk, which is cyber and data breach, is assessed without any truly independent, objective and certified status of a moment in time assessment.

CDCAT® can provide a quick review of any clients’ defences, at any time.

Third Party Services

As an organisations cyber defence capability is measurable using CDCAT® it is easy to reassess capability at any point in time.

Therefore CDCAT® can be used to support Claims Management, Legal and Cyber Consulting Services who are engaged to provide remedial services for clients.

In each case, a current point in time assessment could assist the outcome of each service being offered.

How does CDCAT® Insurance Services Work?

This service is provided after a CDCAT Assessment has been conducted by APMG International and the resulting report data is translated into an Underwriting Report on cyber risk.

To find out more about CDCAT® Insurances Services please contact us using the form below or calling us on +44 (0) 7956 640 322

CDCAT® is the registered trademark of The Secretary of State for Defence and is subject to Crown Copyright and Crown Database Rights. APMG International is the principal licensee of CDCAT®.


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