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Where ITIL Stops and the Future Begins: Business Relationship Management

The role of Business Relationship Manager has never been so bright.

In today’s highly competitive service-oriented business environment, service providers, as well as their customers or business partners, are recognizing the strategic importance of investing in a business relationship management capability and the Business Relationship Manager roles/skills.

Once more of an operational role staffed by IT professionals, today the BRM is a business change agent with technical and business skills who can communicate across different levels of the enterprise and externally.

The focus on aligning IT with the business has proven ineffective, leaving IT and other business functions always “trailing behind business, trying to align”. It is now all about convergence, leading with business, sharing ownership of both business strategy and business value results, by evolving enterprise culture, building strategic partnerships, shaping business demand and driving business value results.

In other words, the game has changed.

Join our webinar which will explain why more organizations than ever invest in business relationship management, what they are investing in, and the value these organizations are seeking.

Your presenter is Mart Rovers, President of InterProm USA Corporation and a leading service and business relationship management consultant, coach and trainer.

Where ITIL Stops and the Future Begins: Business Relationship Management


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