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Cyber Security

Individuals with the necessary cyber skills are in short supply.

Managing the Cyber Security Talent Shortage

The cyber skills shortage is a critical issue facing any organization globally. How can you leverage existing talent to build a cybersecurity defence? Do you have the talent to analyse threats, secure networks, handle incidents and utilize other critical security skills to protect your organization? How can you assess the current cybersecurity skills your employees and candidates have?

Presenters Aaron Cohen, industry leader in growing information security and training companies, and James Varnham from Logical Operations, will discuss solutions for managing the cybersecurity talent shortage within your organization.

Managing the Cyber Security Talent Shortage


Large pile of timber logs perfectly stacked

ISO/IEC 27001

Demonstrate exemplary management of information security

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Person stood on a cliff edge looking upon clouds rolling through mountains

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Code of Practice

Ensure your cloud services are a beauty to behold

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Cyber Essentials

Stand out as Certified. Official confirmation that your organisation takes your clients data seriously. The UK Government endorsed Cyber Essentials scheme

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