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Change, Risk & Benefits

Change Management has matured into a recognised management discipline.

Finding Effective Change Managers

In this information session, Melanie Franklin, Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute UK and Richard Smith, Chief Examiner, Change Practitioner Qualification, APMG-International will describe the growing professionalism of business change and transformation roles.

From being either a project management afterthought, or an Organizational Development specialism, change management has matured into a recognised management discipline.  This discipline is now sought after by those organisations who realise that the increasing pace of change means that their need to change in line with their marketplace cannot be left to chance.

Melanie will outline the objectives of the Change Management Institute, give a flavour of its members and explain the skills and behaviours of excellent change and transformation professionals, using the Competency Model from the Change Management Institute.

Richard will explain how the Change Management Institute’s competence model connects with their change management body of knowledge, and how APMG’s Change Management practitioner qualification reflects this professional development.  He will describe the growing number of applicants and the skills that candidates learn on their route to practitioner success.

Finding Effective Change Managers


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