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Introducing the AQRO human resource management framework.

Efficient, stress-free human resource management with AQRO

This session will introduce the AQRO human resource management framework and supporting training & certification scheme. The presenter will explain:-

  • APMG and the value of our certifications
  • the problem: available time and distortion leading to less productive output
  • the solution: it’s not time management, but a framework that works for teams and reduces distortion and allows staff to focus on the more important tasks
  • the benefits: more time, more consistency, more output and support of cross cultural teamwork and communication
  • how AQRO supports teamwork and communication of different cultures and in very dynamic organisations
  • the solution and support of digital transformation by AQRO
  • how to get there: identify a pilot, get them trained and implement the model

Efficient, stress-free human resource management with AQRO


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