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IT Governance & Service

Webinar and Panel Discussion

Automation - What’s To Come

The emphasis on integration, automation and agile software deployment is designed to improve the user experience whilst placing them at the centre of service delivery needs - rather than revolving around the organisation’s IT needs.

Soft skills are a key part of that, as the service agent's role augments, and service orchestration between human and machine becomes a reality; how technology will complement what humans do when managing workflows and processes.

Take for example, an automated starter and leavers process, where workloads like password resets or even an incident management process are handled through automation, therefore removing human involvement - from ‘People, Process and Technology’.

The creation of ‘People, Service, Technology’ replaces this process, so low value repetitive tasks are achieved with robotic process automation (RPA), meaning that humans are no longer just there to fill the gaps between process and technology – but instead, have the capacity to add much more value to the business – perhaps creatively or developmentally.

David Wright (SDI UK’s Chief Value Officer) will share his thoughts and insights on What’s To Come, and will be joined by a panel of industry experts including Tony Albert (Reetus Malaysia’s Training & Consulting Director & SDI trainer),  Raja Segaran (Pink Elephant Asia’s SDI trainer) and Jan-Willem Middelburg (Pink Elephant Asia’s Regional Director) as they discuss and debate this fascinating subject which will affect organisations across the globe.

SDI training can prepare you and your Service Desk to implement a user centric experience.

Automation - What’s To Come


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