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Uma Subramaniam has been a yoga practitioner actively practicing Yoga since 2008 and a yoga teacher since 2010.

Uma has been a yoga teacher and having under gone APMG’s Certification for Yoga Professionals would like to share her experience and show the way to those who would be keen to get started in this field or take their yoga further by teaching other professionals.

APMG: Can you tell us about your yoga experience?

Uma: I started my yoga practice with my father as a 10 year old.  After a long break I resumed it in 2008.  This was when I started practising it more seriously and have been learning and practicing since then. Soon my passion for Yoga got me interested in helping and hence teaching others. I have been teaching since 2010.

APMG: Why is it important to undergo a professional certification with regards to progressing your career?

Uma: Yoga has become very popular and there is too much going on in the name of yoga, hence it often becomes difficult to differentiate the authentic practice from the not-so-authentic. As professional training helps you understand yoga in its entirety, this will help one become a better practitioner and from then on become a good teacher.

APMG: What prompted you to take a certification in the field of yoga?

Uma: A certification standardizes the teachers' qualifications as well as the teaching methodology. Being certified prepares you for employers or students seeking a professional and a qualified teacher.

APMG: What made you choose APMG to get your certification as a yoga professional?

Uma: I met with APMG team. I found them very impressive and warm. APMG seems to have a lot of experience conducting such competitive, professional exams and certifications. Yoga certification needs to be in good hands and at par with any other professional certification.

APMG: How was your experience of becoming a certified yoga professional from APMG?  

Uma: Flawless. It couldn't be better. They worked around our needs for space and time. Rest was executed by APMG with great care, practice and sincerity.

APMG: What advice would you give aspiring Yoga Teachers / Instructors about achieving the certification from APMG?

Uma: Look no further. Highly recommend it.

Uma continues to practice Yoga in Bengaluru, India, with an aim to inspire more people to take up this practice and further train others to provide an orverall good yoga experience.

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