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Watch our recent Service Desk Institute (SDI) / APMG webinars for inspiration to ensure your service desk is BRILLIANT!

Making the Case for SDI Training and Certification

Some managers are great at seeing opportunities for engaging and motivating their teams through the opportunity to sit career-relevant exams. These managers spend their training budgets wisely, ensuring that the individual’s – as well as the entire team’s – needs, aspirations and career paths are well-supported.

Watch the webinar HERE

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Become a Global Asset

The way in which we work is changing more rapidly than ever before. Service desks need to work across teams, rapidly understand different company cultures and work across time zones whilst learning how to embed best practice into automated solutions.

For nearly 30 years the Service Desk Institute has been dedicated to setting the industry standard for IT service and support.

The SDI Global Best Practice Service Desk Standard has been designed to look closely at all aspects of the service desk operation including management, resources, tools, training and delivery, strategy, planning and continual service improvement.

Watch the webinar HERE

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Making Service your number one priority

Service is the key differentiator for any business and the ability to deliver excellent service and set realistic customer expectations is why companies succeed. The approach to providing service is changing, requiring service desks to work across teams, work with different cultures and time zones and integrate with new and automated solutions. The Service Desk Institute has developed a global standard and resources to help organisations and individuals improve service desk delivery. Training that is provided through APMG International provides not only transferable skills but global recognition as a service desk professional.

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Automation – What’s to come

The emphasis on integration, automation and agile software deployment is designed to improve the user experience whilst placing them at the centre of service delivery needs - rather than revolving around the organisation’s IT needs.

Soft skills are a key part of that, as the service agent's role augments, and service orchestration between human and machine becomes a reality; how technology will complement what humans do when managing workflows and processes.

Take for example, an automated starter and leavers process, where workloads like password resets or even an incident management process are handled through automation, therefore removing human involvement - from ‘People, Process and Technology’.

Watch the webinar HERE

Automation what's to come

Service Desk as a contributor to Customer Experience & Operations Improvement

Providing a brilliant customer or user experience, and ensuring that those experiences are consistently positive, has always been an essential part of the support interaction between a service desk and its business user community. Yet often, the customer experience can be neglected in the pursuit of achieving service level agreements or hitting performance targets. When a customer contacts the service desk, they typically expect a certain experience during their interaction.

Find details of the recording HERE

Service Desk as a contributor to Customer Experience

Cómo su Service Desk contribuye a la transformación digital

Dr Mauricio Corona PhD, Chief Transformation Officer del Service Desk Institute, discutirá cómo los estándares internacionales del SDI para roles de profesionales en el service desk pueden ayudar a soportar tu estrategia de transformación digital.

El Service Desk Institute, responsable de establecer los estándares globales de certificación para los service desks a nivel individual y a nivel corporativo, el Service Desk Institute es la organización líder que inspira a los service desks globales a ser brillantes.

En este webinar usted aprenderá todo lo relacionado a los roles vitales que juegan los service desks para habilitar la estrategia de transformación digital de las organizaciones y cómo los service desks pueden optimizar la experiencia al cliente.

Find details of the recording HERE

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