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Service Management

APMG now offers the Service Integration and Management (SIAM™) certification.

SIAM™ will help you to streamline your supplier network for optimal service provision.

APMG is strengthening an existing successful alliance between BCS and EXIN further, by collaborating to offer this highly relevant and popular Service Integration and Management certification.

Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG International says; “We are delighted to be involved with this scheme that was launched last year by BCS & EXIN. By working together as a team to deliver the SIAM® certifications we hope to reinforce and build a global community whilst we continue to maintain the high standards our ATOs and candidates have come to expect from APMG.”


Why SIAM™?

Companies are increasingly opting to outsource their IT services to multiple IT service providers in order to optimise their company processes. SIAM™ is used to manage and coordinate these suppliers.  

To meet growing demands for IT professional certifications, SIAM® provides an advanced methodology explicitly designed to help manage multiple suppliers effectively and efficiently. SIAM™ gives the tools needed to align these providers, leading to the integration of service management across the complete supply-chain.

About SIAM®

SIAM optimises service delivery by addressing the fragmentation that results from outsourcing IT services to multiple suppliers.  

SIAM certified professionals are recognized for their ability to help an organization integrate all its service providers into a single, unified eco-system.

Resolve service delivery challenges including:

  • Lack of communication between teams, both in-house and outsourced.
  • No assurance that suppliers will provide exceptional service.
  • Complications in service integration and governance.
  • Difficulty in managing the relationships and collaboration between providers.

SIAM certified professionals deliver optimal multi-sourcing benefits:

  • Maximum insight into supplier activity, services and costs.
  • Clients receive the best possible service due to an aligned and enhanced service provider network.
  • Greater flexibility and faster response to business needs.
  • Utilisation of specialist or exceptional service suppliers.

The SIAM Certification


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