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Organizations from a wide range of industries are reporting great successes following moves to agile approaches

Agile is on the rise. Organizations from a wide range of industries are reporting great successes following moves to agile approaches, often citing gains from early delivery of projects that generate faster returns on their investment. This helps to give them a competitive edge over organizations that have yet to take advantage of the flexibility and responsiveness of agile.

PRINCE2® remains the de facto project management approach for thousands of organizations and project managers across the globe. But with the increasing emergence of agile, demand is growing for guidance on how best to apply agile delivery methods to the tried-and-trusted PRINCE2 framework.

PRINCE2 Agile was launched in 2015 and offers a best-of-both-worlds framework for project management. Combining the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2, it offers guidance on:

  • How to incorporate the fundamental agile behaviours, concepts and techniques into PRINCE2
  • How to blend the strong governance of PRINCE2 with the flexibility of agile delivery methods
  • How to tailor the PRINCE2 management controls for agile development
  • How to map the common agile roles to the PRINCE2 project management team structure

A major benefit of PRINCE2 Agile is that it allows organizations to build on their current investment. Many have invested huge amounts in PRINCE2 and, with PRINCE2 Agile, an organization needn’t start from scratch when deciding to adopt and implement agile practices for project management.

There is a perception that the two methodologies behind PRINCE2 and agile represent conflicting approaches to project management. But that’s a myth that the PRINCE2 Agile guidance sets out to dispel.

And as Keith Richards (lead author of PRINCE2 Agile) points out, there is a strong case for combining elements of both to help maximise benefits:

“There is a widely held view in many organisations that PRINCE2 has had its day with the dawning of the agile era. It is somewhat ironic that PRINCE2 is assumed to be a traditional waterfall approach and therefore out of date, but nothing could be further from the truth. PRINCE2 is perhaps at its most relevant in today’s world, as there is a very pressing need for organisations to correctly and successfully blend the speed and responsiveness of agile with the control and rigour of project management best practice.”

PRINCE2 Agile provides the support practitioners need to introduce agile methods and further develop their project management skills.