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CSP successfully re-certifies against the Cloud Industry Forum Code of Practice framework

Netscan, a cloud hosting specialist, has once again demonstrated they are a safe and transparent cloud provider, after successfully re-certifying against the Cloud Industry Forum’s (CIF) Code of Practice.

Netscan helps organisations achieve their business objectives through the use of cloud-based infrastructure. Operating from their Central London office, they work with over 10,000 UK and international businesses and charities.

Having initially certified against the Code of Practice in 2015, Peter Duggal, CTO of Netscan, believes that the certification makes it easier for cloud users to identify Cloud Service Providers that are transparent about the services they offer and helps providers ensure they are following best practice. Duggal elaborated:

"We consider The Code of Practice to be very important to our organisation. As well as providing a solid framework of guidelines, we found that the new GDPR specific elements were excellent in preparing us for this important new regulation."

The CIF Code of Practice, which initially launched in 2010 following an extensive period of public consultation and piloting, allows Cloud Service Providers to demonstrate that they meet specified requirements of transparency, accountability and capability. CIF has now incorporated enhancements to this Code of Practice, to assist Cloud Service Providers in establishing themselves as General Data Protection Regulation’s (GDPR) prepared.

Richard Pharro, APMG International CEO, added: “By measuring themselves against the Code of Practice, Netscan has demonstrated a professional commitment to operate in a transparent and accountable manner. With a market looking for clear guidance to measure suppliers against, the Code of Practice and the Certification process are essential in building trust.”