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Having always considered myself a business relationship expert, I was looking forward to attending the BRMP® course held at Sydney’s BRM Connect 2016 and gaining my certification,, followed by the conference thereafter.

Maximizing Business Relationship Management capability

The course, designed to help maximize Business Relationship Management capability in organizations, was set to deliver some interesting and challenging methodologies – not only regarding business relationship management, but strategy and planning as well. I was also keenly interested in the business development of converging IT and business partner requirements within my current workplace.

Within the first hour of the course, I knew that I was going to gain immense value from it. Both the facilitators and the participants were open to sharing their experiences in the business relationship role, and the manner in which John Krogh of Instrumental BRM delivered and facilitated the course allowed all participants to have input in the session. He also provided excellent and relevant insight into questions about elements of business relationship management, all the while encouraging a more relaxed atmosphere that integrated a bit of fun and humour into the learning.

While there was a lot of information to absorb by the end of each day’s session, not once did I feel overwhelmed. Thanks to John’s approachable nature and the knowledge that I could ask questions the next morning, I felt stress-free.

Another aspect that added value to the BRMP® course was a certain guest facilitator, Suresh GP. As the founder of TaUB Solutions and Regional Leader of Asia Pacific and the Middle East for BRMI, Suresh brought an infectious level of passion and experience to the course that was only amplified by the interplay between him, John, and the participants.

I would be remiss not to mention Derek Storbakken of Instrumental BRM. Although he was not a formal part of the course, he was there to answer other questions and build our confidence when it came time for the exam. Similarly to John, he brought a degree of humour that added levity to the course and put participants at ease—which was especially beneficial leading up to the exam!

Once the BRMP course and exam were over, it was time to move on to the long-awaited BRMConnect conference, which far exceeded my high expectations. There was a good mix of participants from different organisations, the organisers were approachable when it came to questions, and all keynote speakers delivered presentations that showcased the value of the BRM role at both a strategic and planning level. One presentation that has stuck in my mind since then was the Grab@Pizza simulation, a fast-paced exercise energetically facilitated by Suresh with the goal of solidifying the value of the BRM within an organisation. Goal accomplished, at least for me!

I was very impressed that Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) co-founder and CEO Aaron Barnes made himself so readily available to answer questions and offer information. Impressively, this openness did not end with the conference, and I’ve since had the pleasure of having multiple follow-up conversations with him.

Last but not least, BRMI ensured that the entire conference was an experience, from the scenic location to the post-conference group events—the ghost tour was especially fascinating. I’ve since returned to my organisation with new ideas, a better understanding of the BRM role, insight into identifying value to the business and IT, and a stronger grasp of how to grow and mature that relationship to strategic partnership. Such is my passion that I’ve already written a business case for senior IT management to undertake a BRM course, which has added a new dimension to my professional development that will aid me in my career path for years to come.

Special thanks to this blog’s author Jason Ernst, Business Relationship Manager for Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University  


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