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Exams for Lean Six Sigma - a business process improvement certification, are now available in Dutch.

APMG International is excited to announce Dutch translations for Lean Six Sigma’s Yellow and Orange Belt exams. Dutch translations for the remaining Green and Black Belt exams are also underway and are expected to be released soon.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Developed by the Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA) - Lean Six Sigma is a blend of the widely recognized Lean and Six Sigma specialisms. It certifies professionals’ ability to optimise the management of an organization’s processes – emphasising speed, efficiency and waste removal.

Lean Six Sigma certified individuals are desired for their capability to greatly improve an organization’s performance - by establishing a streamlined, structured approach to resolving problems.

Dick Theisens, author of the LSSA's Climbing the Mountain book series and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, said,

“We’re excited at the prospect of Lean Six Sigma extending its reach to a wider audience. The Netherlands has continually shown support for the certification. LSSA is committed to ensuring process improvement professionals are recognized for their expertise while raising awareness of the specialism.

“Extending the certification’s reach will enable more organizations to easily identify individuals with the competencies needed to achieve world class performance.”

The Lean Six Sigma Belts

There are several tiers of the Lean Six Sigma certification represented as different belts.

The Yellow Belt is the entry level certification – providing awareness of process improvement principles, philosophy and how it supports an organization’s operational excellence.

The Orange Belt is the foundation level certification – preparing individuals to effectively engage in process improvement projects. The Orange Belt is ideal for Lean Facilitators and Supervisors.

Getting certified

APMG, an accreditation and examination institute – has accredited several training organizations to deliver Lean Six Sigma training courses in Dutch. APMG’s exacting accreditation standards means that candidates can expect exceptional standards of training regardless of the Accredited Training Organization (ATO) they choose.

Exams may be included as part of the course or can be booked separately to take at a later date. Candidates can book a training course with an ATO through APMG’s website.

If a training course is not convenient – Dutch Lean Six Sigma exams are also available for self-study.

Candidates can self-study by purchasing Lean Six Sigma’s core texts from APMG Business Books – before booking an exam to take online or in a classroom.

The availability of Dutch exams represents a great opportunity for Benelux based and Dutch speaking professionals to be recognized for their process improvement expertise.


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