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At last we have a date for publication although, like all publications, it can be altered at the last minute for various reasons.

Assuming all goes well, parts 1 and 10 of ISO/IEC 20000 will be published on September 15th by ISO.

Each national standards body may then take a few days to publish in their own names or to translate. The French translation will come out at the same time as the English version.

Part 1 is Service Management System requirements.

It is the main part of the series and provides the requirements for certification to the standard – this is what you must do that the auditor will assess you against.

This will be the 3rd edition of part 1 (others were in 2005 and the current edition published in 2011).

The Final draft international standard (FDIS) is available to buy from the BSI Shop on-line and then get the published version free – see separate blog about this.

The number of requirements has reduced from 256 to 216 due to concentrating on what to do and not how to do it. This allows all organizations to use any method or combination of methods/frameworks to support the requirements e.g. ITIL, Devops. SIAM, VeriSM, Agile, CMMi-SVC, IT4IT, COBIT etc etc. 

Part 10 is Concepts and Vocabulary.

This will be the 3rd edition. It contains all of the terms and definitions for the 20000 series. Note that part 1 also contains the terms and definitions relevant to part 1.

Part 10 repeats these and also has extra terms used in other parts of the series. It is vital for any standard to understand the definitions of terms and not assume that you know them.

For example, the definition of incident in 20000-1 is ‘unplanned interruption to a service, a reduction in the quality of a service or an event that has not yet impacted the service to the customer or user.’

This is different from the definition in ITIL and perhaps some other methods/framework and it is important to understand that difference in order to correctly apply the requirements of the standard.

Part 10 also contains the concepts for the 20000 series. It has an overview of a service management system. It has a useful section on the benefits and myths around 20000.

It provides a summary of the purpose of each of the parts of the 20000 series such as parts 2, 3, 5, 6. It also covers the purpose and relationship with many related standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001.


If you are already certified or starting to implement ISO20000 part 1, do not worry, there will be a 2-year transition period following the revision of part 1.

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