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Praxis is the only framework that supports all aspects of the UK Government’s new Project Delivery Standard.

The UK Government’s Project Delivery Standard has been released for review. This standard acts as a policy document for organisational programme, portfolio and project management. It describes the 'why' and 'what' of project delivery but not the 'how'. That's where the Praxis Framework comes in because Praxis describes the 'how'.

The Project Delivery Standard is comprehensive. It covers the functions and process that are required to manage projects, programmes and portfolios. Praxis is the only framework that is able to support all aspects of this standard with a single terminology and a consistent integrated structure.

Praxis have produced a guide to show how all the detail required to support the Project Delivery Standard is provided by the framework. Click here to download the guide to using the Praxis Framework to implement the standard.

Both the Project Delivery Standard and the Praxis Framework are freely available for any organisation to adapt to their own context. Together, they provide the best foundation for organisational project delivery available.

For more information on the UK Government Project Delivery Standard click here

To download the UK Government Project Delivery Standard, click here.

For more information on how the Praxis Framework can support the Project Delivery standard click here.