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Cyber Security

APMG launches free video guidance series to help all businesses achieve Cyber Essentials certification.

Cyber Essentials is a government backed cyber certification for businesses of all sizes and sectors to demonstrate they are taking action to protect their business against cyber attacks. Now mandatory for most government & Ministry of Defence Contracts, gaining Cyber Essentials is considered good business practice for any company that holds data. Through the easy to use online APMG Cyber Essentials portal your business can get certified today.

In response to UK Government advice to become Cyber Essentials certified, an increasing number of organisations want to demonstrate good cyber awareness and best practice. It is often assumed that a consultant is needed to achieve certification, but with the right guidance, businesses can complete their assessment without external help.
To become certified, businesses are required to answer 31 questions about their IT systems’ procedures and policies, which are then submitted for approval by an assessor through the APMG Cyber Essentials assessment portal.

Free video guidance

To make it easier for customers to answer the questions APMG has released a series of five videos which explain the context of the questions, the language and the process. Each video covers a section of the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and can also be used to determine if need additional help is needed to address specific areas of a company’s cyber security strategy. The sectors covered by the Cyber Essentials video’s are:

•    Boundary firewalls and internet gateways – The prevention of unauthorized access
•    Secure configuration – This ensures secure system configuration
•    Access control – This ensures appropriate access to systems
•    Malware protection – installation and maintenance of virus and malware protection
•    Patch management – The application of patches and ensuring the latest version of applications are used

How To fill out your Cyber Essentials questionnaire - Boundary Firewalls 1/5

Richard Pharro, CEO, APMG International said,

“The National Cyber Security Center has issued this guidance, with the intention that every business should be able to achieve certification – and in general, inexpensively and independently. There is a common misconception that the process is complicated. Applicants often think that a consultant is needed throughout.

"We wanted to provide simple guidance with graphics which explains the questions and provides applicants with an overview of what is required. Some may still need help – but they may need help on just one element (such as two factor authentication) as opposed to hiring a consultant for the whole process.”


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