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Exams for the Forest Garden Training Certification (FGTC) are now available.

APMG International is excited to announce the new professional tree planting certification, FGTC.

Launched by Trees for the Future, a renowned leader in agroforestry and tree planting - FGTC seeks to combat hunger, drought and deforestation through planting trees. The key to realizing this vision is the Forest Garden – an innovative agricultural system designed to resemble a forest ecosystem.

Forest Gardens make maximum use of the land to sustainably produce a range of products and environmental services.   

The Forest Garden Trainer Certification validates an agroforestry practitioner’s ability to train other practitioners and farmers to run Forest Garden programs.

To make the certification easily accessible to staff working for NGOs anywhere in the world – exams are available online with APMG, starting from just US$22.

Forest Gardens are Ending Hunger and Poverty

John Leary, Executive Director of Trees for the Future said, “Through coordinated effort, we can lift hundreds of thousands of families out of poverty in the coming years through the planting of millions of trees.

“We aim to certify as many people as possible who can start Forest Garden training programs for the farmers they work with.”

The certification is supported by Trees for the Future’s online Forest Garden Training Center – which provides a wealth of free materials for tree planting practitioners and guidance on creating Forest Gardens.

The books with which to study for the FGTC exam are also available on the site.

The Forest Garden Training Certification


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