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Change Management

In her white paper, Evolution and themes in change management: ‘Change Management 2.0’, Ira Blake explores the future of change management and how the concept of change itself is evolving

Over the past 14 years change management has developed as a discipline in its own right, with this has emerged the ongoing professionalization of change management. In her white paper, Evolution and Themes in Change Management, Ira Blake, Director at Uncommon Expertise Ltd, examines the case that fundamental change is on our doorstep and Change Managers must move quickly to embrace it.

The Change Management Institute’s (CMI’s) 2015 conference refers to this shift as ‘Change in the Age of Disruption’ which is the building of successful change efforts by making them open, participatory, experimental and people-powered.

Ira comments that a shift is occurring in other business disciplines too with workplace/environment psychology and concepts like mindfulness reshaping organisation culture and the way people work.

A seismic shift in the landscape

Ira explains that the change management landscape in 2016 and beyond, is being shaped by a combination of environmental and organisation drivers:

Environmental drivers: The way organisations do business is under intensifying scrutiny and increased pressure from government, consumers and campaigners to be more accountable.

Organisation drivers: Leadership is being redefined creating a shift in focus from simply managing the numbers to building workplaces that people want to work in, feel they can contribute to and are appreciated. This approach values the uniqueness of individuals and in turn fosters innovation.

New generation millennials are embracing increased connectivity and are demanding a shift from subordinate to associate. They will own their portfolio-style careers and make judgements on who will get to benefit from their talent and where they want to work in a way that we only dream about. To be successful in this new landscape will require an immense change in the way organisations think and behave, what they value and look for in their talent and how talent is utilised.

Read Ira Blake’s white paper in full.

Ira is a change management enthusiast, practitioner, author and ACM Master. Global Assessor for the Change Management Institute and 15+ yrs multi-industry experience


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