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Dear Santa, I’ve been a really good Change Manager this year, playing nicely with my Sponsors even though some of them did change their requirements, some even didn’t attend all the meetings I asked them to. Some of them could have been more helpful in supporting me and the Change Programme.

Another thing I did really well was deliver my Change Projects within the changing priorities of time, cost and quality…..well nearly all of them.

I played really nicely with all my change team even when they gave me nasty surprises even though I told them “no nasty surprises” but they kept on bringing them. Maybe they didn’t think I meant it when I told them it was ok to tell me stuff I needed to know but not as “nasty surprises”.

Most of the time I’ve tried to be really nice and smiley with my change team but sometimes they made me really, really angry by not doing what they’re told to do right away and pretending that they do.

Thank you for reading this far Santa. Please remember I’ve tried really hard to be good….

Here’s my Christmas List:

  • Courage to have a realistic conversation with my Sponsors about what can be delivered and to have their active support for the complete duration of the change project.
  • Commitment from all the C-Suite supporting a SMART (People & Process) change plan. Helping them to realise that even the best change plan is an ever-changing blend of facts & perceptions (Perceptions being the behavioural interpretation of the facts)
  • Help me to have more confidence in my experience in building a high-performing transition team that are capable of facilitating the required changes. Part of this is being able to support my teams when I say we need to be transparent about identifying the real risks & issues and how to manage them professionally.

There’s a few more things Santa but I know you’re very busy helping all the other boys and girls.

I promise to work really hard at being the best I can be in 2018.

Thanks, Santa. 

Contributed by; Bob Black, Principal, People Skills Organisational Development Consultancy




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