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APMG is pleased to release its new online portal dedicated to the Cyber Essentials scheme.

APMG's new Cyber Essentials online portal has launched

11th January 2017

APMG is pleased to release its new online portal dedicated to the Cyber Essentials scheme. The portal serves as a hub for both organisations getting Cyber Essentials certified and the APMG Cyber Essentials certification bodies.

APMG is the first Cyber Essentials provider to deliver the scheme through an optimised online portal. The portal provides certification bodies with a secure, user-friendly system for assessing applications, communicating with clients and processing Cyber Essentials certificates.

Having all the necessary tools and information in a single, easily accessible location enables certification bodies to save time and money - while streamlining the entire Cyber Essentials application process.

Cyber security breaches are becoming increasingly common and cyber criminals are indiscriminate – any organisation which isn’t properly protected can be a target, regardless of size. The new website represents an opportune time for organisations of all sizes looking to reduce cyber security risks, to get Cyber Essentials certified.  

Cyber Essentials is a prevalent cyber security certification scheme developed by the UK Government. The scheme reassures organizations that they have achieved a standard level of cyber security by confirming that the organisation has covered the ‘five key controls.’ 

This reassurance can then be communicated to the organisation’s customers as certified organisations are issued a Cyber Essentials certified badge which can be displayed anywhere.

Since October 2014 Cyber Essentials has been made mandatory for suppliers of some Government contracts which involve handling sensitive information and providing certain ICT products and services. Only organisations displaying the Cyber Essentials badge can bid for these contracts.

The scheme draws from the UK Government’s 10 steps to cyber security and The Assurance Framework – reinforcing certified organisations’ confidence in their ability to reduce risks posed by cyber security threats.

The certification process requires organisations to complete a self-assessment questionnaire which contains questions largely concerning an organisation’s implemented cyber security controls. The completed questionnaire is then reviewed by assessors appointed by an APMG accredited certification body.

Certification bodies will award successful organisations with a Cyber Essentials digital badge – which are then listed on the APMG website. 

This renewed website arrives at a time when cyber-attacks are prevalent and often catastrophic. A greater number of organisations and people are looking to secure themselves. Attention is turning to proven and trusted providers of cyber security solutions to mitigate the risks and anxieties concerning cyber-criminal activity.

APMG is partnered with several leaders in the UK’s cyber security initiative - such as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), GCHQ and NCSC. APMG’s accreditation services are influenced by its external regulator, UKAS. APMG accredited Cyber Essentials certification bodies are recognisably reliable – having undergone a meticulous assessment process.

Organisations can apply for Cyber Essentials certification or apply to become an APMG approved certification body on APMG’s website.