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APMG-International has signed an agreement with Dutch business simulations company GamingWorks

APMG signs agreement with business simulation company, GamingWorks

2nd July 2015

APMG-International has signed an agreement with Dutch business simulations company GamingWorks. The agreement hopes to promote the effectiveness of simulations in enhancing peoples’ ability to apply the knowledge and skills they develop after undertaking a professional training course.

APMG believes this a powerful method to supplement the training courses provided by its accredited training organizations (ATOs). These simulations help delegates apply the knowledge they have gained during training in the areas of IT Service Management, Project Management, Cyber Security/Resilience and a host of other qualifications.

One such simulation, Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience™ has been praised for its effectiveness in teaching successful IT service management. The game facilitates up to 12 participants and depicts a scenario within the Mission Control Center of NASA – with the aim of supporting the crew during their mission. Players must apply ITSM best practices to complete a series of tasks to ensure that the mission is a success.

Apollo 13 aims to improve its participants’ ITSM ability, sharpen their focus on customer services and get more out of their ITSM/ITIL training. The simulation is also designed to help its participants improve processes to realize demonstrated value and reduce business risks.

Quoting from the GamingWorks website – an Apollo 13 participant praises the experience, “This Apollo 13 simulation gave my team a clear focus on how to align the IT services to the Business. We had fun, we saved the crew and we took at least 5 lessons learned back to the office.”

A simulation demonstration was also held by ITPreneurs and their partner Rightstar Systems – to a team comprising certified instructors, consultants and ITIL client practitioners. Feedback affirmed that simulations should be a mandatory part of ITIL training - one delegate said, “This is a no brainer. This focuses on the essentials of getting ITIL to work, translating the knowledge into practice, which is what it is all about.”

GamingWorks want to offer these market-ready business simulations to help improve day-to-day work and solve issues. The plan is to roll out a series of live simulation workshops in the India region – the first being planned for August.

Some of the popular simulation packages that will be rolled out in the initial phase include – Challenge of Egypt, Apollo 13 and Oceans99. GamingWorks also plans to offer many others like Grab@Pizza and CarWorks – seeing them as potentially viable additions to the marketplace.