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BRM in a Technological World

Date: 15 Jun 2017

Webinar: BRM in a Technological World

Topic: Business Relationship Management

Presenter: Richard Pharro

Language: English

Time: 16:00 BST (11:00 EDT / 17:00 CET)

Duration: 45-60 mins


In today’s highly-digitized world, there is growing concern that important roles traditionally performed by humans will get replaced by technological functions, and the field of BRM is no exception to this fear.

The ceaseless growth in automation doesn’t signal the end of managing relationships, though. Join Richard Pharro, CEO at APMG-International, as he discusses the unique skills, competencies, and business value BRMs bring to even the most tech-savvy organizations—because as of yet, there still isn’t an automated function out there that can replace the value of people working with people.

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