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Download these case studies to learn more about the work of ACOs and their Registered Consutants:

Adobe PDF Logo The Rehabilitation Hospital at King Fahad Medical City

Adobe PDF Logo Rentokil Initial Case Study - Establishing a Consistent Project Mgmt Method

APMG Accredited Consulting Organizations (ACOs)

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Since 1993 APMG International has accredited a worldwide network of consulting organizations and individual consultants ensuring clients are provided with a consistent high quality consulting service. An APMG ACO is part of an elite group of organizations which undergo regular rigorous assessment to prove their consulting expertise. The rigour and credibility of this scheme is based on accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) against international standards (ISO17021 and ISO9001). This accreditation is internationally recognised and supports current market recognition that APMG ACOs and their Registered Consultants will consistently deliver high quality consulting services.

In addition to this globally recognised accreditation, APMG has developed and owns extensive intellectual property for the delivery of the scheme as well as access to specialised consulting products. These consulting products are delivered by trained APMG Registered Consultants and provide clients with specialist objective analysis.

Why use an APMG ACO and APMG Registered Consultant?

  • Organisations can reduce their risk and save time and cost when selecting accredited suppliers that comply to international quality standards.
  • Accredited APMG ACOs can provide objective proof that they comply with best practice – proof based on annual reviews by APMG on their ability to provide clients with a quality consulting service.
  • Accredited individuals can validate their technical knowledge and experience from a rigorous Registered Consultant entry process and annual independent assessment by industry experts. The ability to translate theory to practice is also confirmed by independent assessment by clients and colleagues.

What do Registered Consultants do?

Registered Consultants can:

  • Translate theory, tailor, implement and embed best practices
  • Help deliver outcomes and benefits from projects and programmes
  • Link benefits to business performance to drive value
  • Embed change to make benefits sustainable
  • Provide ways to improve governance, methods and improve capability.

Why do they occupy a unique position in the market?

In 2014 APMG refreshed the international ACO scheme to now offer three unique strands of specialism for Registered Consultants:

  • APMG Portfolio, Programme and Project Registered Consultant ™ Oyster
  • APMG IT Governance and Service Management Registered Consultant ™
  • APMG Organizational Change Management Registered Consultant ™

An APMG Registered Consultant can be accredited in one or more areas of specialism with each area having specific standards that must comply with UKAS accreditation requirements.

For full details of ACOs around the world please browse our online Accredited Consulting Organization listings.If you are interested in becoming an APMG ACO or an APMG Registered Consultant please contact our Consulting Services Executive, Lawrie Kirk at lawrie.kirk@apmg-international.com

Client Testimonials

In 2012, BlueVisions an international project, program and portfolio management consultancy, decided to invest in becoming an Accredited Consulting Organisation. The return on our investment has exceeded our expectations.

As an ACO our professional consultants have access to an excellent range of high quality products and tools we regularly leverage when servicing our clients. We have noticed a tangible improvement in the confidence of our team able to easily apply these products across Government and the private sector.

Being an ACO has increased our commercial opportunities and we are noticing an increase in clients seeking only to work with organisations certified as meeting the high standards expected as an ACO.

The support provided to BlueVisions as an ACO has been exceptional. It is a program we would recommend to other professional consulting firms.

Michael Chachaty, Director, Management Consulting and PMO, Blue Visions Management Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.


"When I established Benefit Management, I had a belief that clients should expect the same quality of service from our small business as they would from larger consulting organisations. We set a culture, approach and tools to do this. The APMG accreditation is important to us in being able to prove, on the world stage, that we are achieving our goals.

At a personal level, my Registered Consultant status means that I can demonstrate that I have been independently and rigorously tried and tested, both technically and with clients, as being a leader in my field. At a business level, we can show that our business is world class in its approaches, operation and capability. The ongoing nature of assessment means that we constantly strive to improve at both a personal and business level and ultimately, this means better service for our clients. "

Richard Gaunt, Managing Director, Benefit Management Pty Ltd


"Our accredited consultant is able to view our work impartially. He proved to be a good 'sparring partner' - a person who can make us think about issues in a different way."

Frank Hoevenaars, Director, Project Control, Maasvlakte2


"We genuinely did not know how well we were doing, so we were very pleased with the outcome of our assessment.

Dr Adel Bataweel, Head of Risk, King Fahad Medical City


"It was useful to get external expert guidance. Our consultant was able to ask questions which challenged my thinking."

Titus Dijkstra, Project Director, Rentokil Initial