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What is Onemind?

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Onemind® is a comprehensive system for improving and monitoring the management maturity of organisations. It is a complete package, designed to integrate leadership and management disciplines that are critical to success, engage key stakeholders, encourage new ways of thinking about organisational change, and achieve outstanding results.

Onemind comprises five components:

  • A strategic framework
  • Thorough diagnostics that do not require lengthy desktop research
  • Informed management interventions
  • Coaching and training for individuals and teams
  • Onemind® Accreditation scheme

Benefits of the Onemind Approach

The Onemind approach to organisational change is a unique framework that utilises not only the organised disciplines and techniques of the left-brain but also the soft skills of right-brain thinking, to address relationships, creativity and attitudes.

Benefits of the Onemind Diagnostic

The Onemind automated diagnostics are a unique, low-cost, low-disruption method for independently assessing the likelihood of a project, programme or portfolio’s success throughout its life, and highlights which aspects of its management require improvement. Unlike consultant interviews the results of the assessment are stored in a database and can be used for benchmarking.

Benefits of the Onemind Improvement Model

The Onemind Improvement Model below describes the relationship between the behaviours, attitudes, practices and mindsets that determine the management maturity level of an organisation:

onemind improvement model

Uniquely, the Onemind Improvement Model maps improvement activities to each maturity level and management practice. It integrates the various disciplines required to be consistently successful at organisational change, including portfolio, programme, project, process, performance and people management.

Why use Onemind?

Onemind is a repeatedly proven approach of choice for bringing about successful organisational change. Onemind methods are rigorously tried and tested and independently accredited to ensure that they are not only significant innovations, but also rest upon the foundations of a sound and secure framework. The Onemind approach deals with the whole picture, uniting left and right-brain thinking as well as the governance, the business analysis, the process design and the planning required to understand, design and implement optimal improvements.

For a discussion about how Onemind can help you or your organisation, or to licence an ACO in the use of Onemind please call +44 1865 248943 or email info@onemind.co.uk. For further information please visit www.onemind.co.uk.